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Induscaff CK is a company dedicated to the rental and assembly of scaffolding and the supply of industrial thermal insulation solutions. It belongs to Meivcore Group, a corporation that manages a vast portfolio of service providers in the industrial sector.

Fachada Coruña


Integrating a multinational in remarkable growth, has allowed a collective progress supported by the synergy and sharing of know-how between the companies of the group. In this case Aveirisol and Tubogal , two companies with decades of experience in same sectors of activity of Induscaff CK.

The backgrond and its professional and careful attitude, positions Induscaff CK in a level of excellence and commitment to all projects, whose purpose is the total satisfaction of its customers.


At Induscaff CK we understand that each project is unique and that our clients' needs vary. That's why we offer customized and flexible solutions, without neglecting rigor and safety. That's why all our scaffolding comes from the Layher brand, whose multidirectional system adapts easily to any type of project and is the safest solution on the market.

Fachada Coruña


Technology plays a fundamental role in our daily operations.
As quality service providers, we understand that technology is much more than a tool - it is one of the foundations on which we build our excellence.

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